Typhoon Digital

How We Started.

Typhoon Digital was founded by Michael Bitsch and Preston Mickelsen. Based on a love for computers and the Internet we are dedicated to bringing exciting and innovative products and services to the business world both on and off the internet. This dedication to service and quality is the cornerstone we build our business on. We

believe that hard work, creativity and excellence bring success.

What Does Quality Mean To Us?

Everything. We stand by all the work that we do and guarantee complete satisfaction. Typhoon Digital is dedicated not only to

Typhoon Digital

meeting your expectations but exceeding them. We understand the value of a repeat customer and we do everything we can to keep our customers happy.

What We Do.

Typhoon Digital provides solutions for the digital world. We publish web sites that target the needs of our clients. Teamwork is an important value to us, working with and understanding our clients is central to success.

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